16w LED solar garden light with sunpower solar panels

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Product details
  • Brand name:TP-solar
Supply Ability
  • Supply Ability:500 pieces
  • Warranty(Year):2 Year
Packaging & Delivery
  • Length:60 cm
  • Width:60 cm
  • Height:4000 cm
  • Logistics Weight:50.000 kg/piece
  • Packaging:1 piece

Descriptions &Advantages

TP-Solar flexible solar panel: The lifespan is longer than 15 years.

Battery: Rechargeable Lead-acid Storag Battery

Light source:LED is characterized by high luminous efficacy, highbrightness, low depreciation, long life, etc. direct lighting type.

Controller: Remote Control, Light Control, Time Control,Anti-overdischarge and Short-circuit Resistance.

Pole: Aluminum alloy with LED decorating lights powder-coated withfluorocarbon and anodized for anti-salted, anti-acid, weather and rustresistant.

Intelligent Controller: Remote Centralized ControlMonitoring(Option) and Smart Handheld Remote Controller that reads and sets upthe work time, work style, brightness of main&decorating light to controlthe run of light on the spot. Moreover, it shows the voltage and current ofsolar panel and battery.

Work time:  Light ControlAutomatically. The main LED light turns on at dark in full brightness firstlyand 4 hours later, it works semi-bright at next dawn automotically. TheDecorating lights work in full brightness firstly and 4 hours later, they turnoff automatically. It works 5~7 cloudy and rainny days.


Power of the Solar                      65W+15%

Battery Capability                        12V/38Ah

Power of the Light                       16W

Color Temperature                     3000K~6000K

WorkingTemperature                  -20~45

Total Height                                  4m

Vertical Luminance                     30Lx

Distance Between Light             12m~18m

Road Width                                   4m~6m

Wind Resistance                         27m/s

Protection Degree                       IP65

Last for Rainy/Cloudy Days       5~7days


Product Scope

It has been widely used in gardens,squares, residential areas and villas, etc.

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